Advice for Homebodies

Sorry about not posting the past couple of weeks, my life took over and I just simply didn’t have the time to get a post out. However, as promised here is a list of things that one can do if they aren’t so physical, and prefer to just stay at home.

  • Work Books: This is something I had never heard of until my therapist recommended them to me this year. There are so many workbooks out there! A search for “anxiety work book” on Amazon yields over 1,000 results. I have two work books that I love! One is more geared towards depression, and the other is a question a day book. I found both of them on Amazon! They are pictured below.
    • The Q&A a day book is my favorite part of my day! I answer the question right before I go to bed, as part of my unwinding from the day. Some of them are fun like “What was the last take out meal you had?” while others are more deep like “What is your greatest shortcoming?”
    • “How to be Happy (or at Lease Less Sad)” is a work book in which some of the pages offer a prompt for you to write, like there is one page asking you to write a letter to your future self, and on some pages there is a chart of how you’re feeling that day to fill out. On the other pages there are ways to feel better and resources for you to use.
  • Take Some “Me Time”: Me time is crucial to your happiness! Sometimes in our busy lives we forget to take time to just be with ourselves. We don’t need to spend every second of our lives doing work or hanging out with friends. It’s okay to lie in bed and watch Netflix all day every once in a while. Sometimes we need a mindless laugh. I also like to clean, since I feel better when my living space is clean and organized. You can also walk, read, whatever! If you’re like me and struggle to come up with ideas for me time, you can find some ideas here!
  • Make a plan of attack: Honestly this is something that EVERYONE can benefit from. Making a to-do list is the first thing I do every day. And I’m not talking about a singular mental to-do list. Every morning I look at my planner and make two lists: A NEED to-do list and a WANT to-do list. I don’t even think of starting my want list until everything on my need is done. This way if I run out of time to get to my want to do list I don’t feel bad cause I did everything I needed to do! Pictured below is my little black book of lists, including a picture of my lists for a few days
IMG_2163 2
Photo by: Kiley Rush

Hopefully this helps some of the homebodies out there. All of these are things that you don’t need to get out of bed to do!

Advice for Homebodies

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